The Missionary

A Canadian Missionary came to Kenya for a short visit. The following Sunday he has a schedule to preach in a University Chapel. To make his message some how appealing; he decided to know what a “University” is in Kiswahili. He has been told its “Chuo!” – pronounced as “Chu-o!” There is so much similarity in Kiswahili words. The old good Missionary has no clue about it. Accordingly a “Toilet” in Kiswahili is “Choo!” – pronounced as “Cho-o!” On that fateful Sunday morning he began his message as follows: I like “Cho-o!” very much. Its in “Cho-o” I met many remarkable people like you. In fact I met my wife in “Cho-o!” I learnt countless life lessons in “Cho-o!” Oh! You will get so many revelations while you are in “Cho-o!”