The Man In The Pit

It seems a gentleman worked on the 4:00 p.m. to midnight shift, and he always walked home after work. One night the moon was shining so bright he decided to take a short cut through the cemetery, which would save him roughly a half- mile walk. There were no incidents involved, so he repeated the process on a regular basis, always following the same path.

One dark, moonless night as he was walking his route through the cemetery, he did not realize that during the day a grave had been dug in the very center of his path. For an hour he tried to find a foothold or handhold to get out of the grave. His best efforts failed him, and he decided to relax and wait until morning when someone would help him out. He sat down in the corner and was half asleep when a man taking the same shortcut stumbled into the grave. His arrival roused the shift worker since the second man was desperately trying to climb out, clawing frantically at the sides. Figuring he'll save the guy some time and maybe they can get out if they work together - he gets up, walks up behind the second man. He then taps him on the shoulder from behind. Zip! Zap! The second man jumps straight out of the grave!

He just needed a little motivation.