Answered Prayers

"In this way, you will win the favor of God and others, and they will think well of you." - Proverbs 3:4

Today's message relates to prayer request, especially as we have already ushered into the new year, we all might have our prayers list. But first thing is first!

The first stage to submit our prayers is, we should seek the face of the one who will answer our prayer. The secret weapon of seeking the Divine face is through fasting. Fasting is to abandon the mundane for the sake of the spiritual. It is temporarily skipping the food which we like to eat; and share it to the hungry and the destitute. Fasting is humbling ourselves before the most high God. It is about deciding to turn away from our sins and seek God's forgiveness. Whenever God decided to show his face to us, subsequently we see our iniquities and repent, "Woe unto me ..." Then once we have repented we are qualified to the second stage,

The second stage is we must have to realize that when we seek God's face to submit our needs, God is also eagerly waiting to submit his needs to us, "Whom shall I sent?" If we reply, "O God here I am send me!" Then we will progress to the third stage.

The third and final stage is submitting our prayer request to the Almighty. This is the moment where the Lord is saying, "What do you want me to do for you?" If we are like King Solomon, the wisest man whoever lived, our response would be for discernment and understanding to govern our affairs. However that might not be a fair assessment. In fact based on our prayer group, it is very easy to guess what the number one prayer request in the whole world might be? It is health, "Give us our daily bread ..."

Accordingly this year besides health, my two personal prayer requests to the Almighty are His favour and grace to abide in my life. When I say "I" it represents family, church, nation and the world, i.e., "Favour and grace to abide in me, my family, church, nation and the world." And family includes you my Facebook friends.

Therefore in order God's favour and grace to abide personally in your life, I strongly advise you to follow the three stages which I have mentioned in this post, they are the surest way for an answered prayer. And do not forget sealing it in Jesus's name.

May God's Favour and Grace Abide In Your Life in This New Year

Love and blessings

Brehane-meskel Araya