Persecution of Christians In Eritrea I

I met one of my cousins, who came from Asmara, after so many years. And I want to share with you out of all our conversations what strikes me most.

I asked, "How is our uncle doing?"

He replied, "He is well but had been in a deep trial for awhile."

I asked, "What happened?"

He replied, "His daughter had been in prison for five years. They released her recently."

I asked, "Why was she in prison?"

He replied, "She is a Pentecostal and refuse to denounce her faith. They took her from Mai Nefhi College Eritrea.”

He said, “At the time of her arrest her father got a chance to see and convince her so that she can change her mind. As he is a very intelligent academician; he could not understand his daughter's stubbornness. He gently tried to convince her through critical reasoning. He explained how her situation can be so hurting for her and the family. And he pleaded with her, "My daughter do not be too stubborn. There is no harm to denounce your faith with your mouth as long as you keep it in your heart. Just do what they are demanding!" And her reply was, "I can not denounce my faith in the LORD Jesus Christ!" And the father could not control his temper and raised his hand to beat his little girl. And immediately the daughter said, "Papa! Are you not the one who thought me to be a woman of principle?" And those words made the father to shiver and made him speechless. He said, that day he got his lesson and left."

My cousin is out out of prison cell for now but with an uncertain future.

Love and blessings

Brehane-meskel Araya