End Time

"Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn because of him." So shall it be! Amen." - Revelation 1:7

Recently Ebola seems the most terrifying.thing in this planet earth. The dreadful IS terror will surely be defeated but at least currently Ebola seems out of control. The World Health Organization has declared the Ebola outbreak in West Africa an international public-health emergency. The mighty America itself is in terror after a Liberian patient by the name Thomas Eric Duncan was misdiagnosed and later died; and of course Africans on our part are wondering how he could able to die in an American soil while other Ebola patients like Dr. Kent Brantly have been recovered!

A group of 24 orphans from Kenya face backlash from Oklahoma residents who believe the visitors may bring the deadly virus to their State. These children are members of a choir travelled to Oklahoma for two month tour. Ebola able to instill fear in the hearts of Americans to the extent of prejudice and stereotyping. The Senate is already demanding President Barack Obama for a Visa ban to people from Ebola-stricken nations in West Africa.

The most peculiar thing about this disease is members of the medical fraternity are the one who are most afraid of it. In an ideal sense it should be the Ebola virus which might be scared of the medical personnel. One African Doctor asked, "The truth is that if a patient was brought here today, none of us could summon a courage to attend him or her because we are not prepared to do so. Why would I want to risk my life when it is too obvious that I will not help the patient and only end up contracting the virus - do you see any wisdom in that?"

In the religious circles Ebola is quoted as one of the many signs of the End time. The first bowl of 'Revelation' judgment. Some Pastors and Priests suggested that it is a punishment of God because of our grave sins; and they have already called for prayer and fasting. A Pastor in America by the name John Hagee thinks this is an anger from God because President Obama is attempting to divide Jerusalem.

Saying all this, the core of this message is not about the various controversial theories surrounding the deadly Ebola virus. However it's more about the attitude of a mature believer in regard to the end time. We need a better discernment than minor speculation. Now and then, people might tell us 'There it is!' or 'Here it is!' But we should not go running off after them. We know that the end will be like the day of Noah, when it comes, it comes suddenly. Therefore each day might be our last day to meet our Lord; and on the other hand it could be our new day of opportunities of services. Each morning when we wake up we are squeezed between these two circumstances. However our priority always should be each day before we embarked on our daily duties we should expectantly stare on the sky in order to confirm whether the Lord is coming in a cloud with power and great glory. We must always be ready for the end so that we could confidently start a new glorious journey.

Love and blessings

Brehane-meskel Araya