The Right Approach

“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.” Acts16:25

A policeman sees a drunk man searching for something under a streetlight and asks what the drunk has lost. He says he lost his keys and they both look under the streetlight together. After a few minutes the policeman asks if he is sure he lost them here, and the drunk replies, no, and that he lost them in the park. The policeman asks why he is searching here, and the drunk replies, "this is where the light is."

Both phrases “Drunkard's Search” and “Streetlight Effect” came from the above old joke. It refers to we only look for whatever we are searching by looking where it is easiest. For instance, instead of confronting our fears, we usually try to avoid or run away from it. Ironically fear brings to pass what one is afraid. It is not also murmuring and grumbling but singing and laughter which will help us to overcome our downheartedness in times of tribulation. We often see new life in self death. Although it is hard, some old habits must die in order to gain a fresh life.

However, singing inside a prison or facing a giant or dying to self is not an ordinary task. In fact humanly speaking in the beginning we get caught up in a catch-22 that even if we may think we could confront our fears and anxieties but in reality we have not done that before. We lack the necessary inertia. That is why we should seek a supernatural push in such circumstances. Prayer is a heavenly call for extraordinary measures in extraordinary situations. And it can surely move mountains of trouble. Therefore, personal drive plus spending quality time on our knees will do the needful job.

How are you going to overcome your fears and anxieties?

Love and blessings

Brehane-meskel Araya